Heriberto Montoya-Ortiz


Heriberto Montoya-Ortiz was born in Lota, Chile, on March 12th 1963, He moved to Santiago with his father who is also a painter. 

The artist Sergio Vargas Quesada, a friend of his father, discovered this young man's capabilities, and began tutoring him and encouraged him to paint different places in Chile and initiated him into the world of painting.

When his father learned about his son's interests, he introduced to him a well-known colleague, the Hungarian painter Ladislao Cheney and he became a student of Cheney.  After a while he left Cheney’s workshop to continue his open-air work with other artists, and he formed the group "Lautaro".

He had his first exhibition with this group in "La Casa del Corregidor" Museum, Santiago de Chile, and an individual show in the Toulouse Gallery of Las Condes, Santiago.

In the late 1980’s he left Chile and moved to Argentina and settled in Guernica, south of Buenos Aires.  There he made contact with a group of Argentinean painters who shared his modality and charisma. He started to work with them in different places in Buenos Aires.

He soon became a well know artist in Buenos Aires art world thanks to his original brush strokes and brilliant colors that are part of his unique style. In his own words, its important the “plain air” experience, having the subject in front of his eyes allows him to achieve a fresher, more vivid image.

The way he approaches his art is simple but not simplistic, following his own path, the same that romantics and impressionists did in the past, and he tries not to succumb to more fashionable styles. His paintings are genuine, they come from his heart, and every one of them is a felling for him and for the viewer.  He has the ability to transmit  warmth.